Probation Violations & Revocations

Probation Violations & Revocations


Violating probation can result in serious consequences, including extension or revocation. Every probation case has a series of requirements or terms that must be followed as ordered by the court. Failure to meet these requirements, whether they be reporting to the probation officer, paying a fine, doing community service, or completing a court-ordered program, constitutes a probation violation.

Often, there is a simple explanation for the violation, but the court has broad discretion when determining the appropriate penalty. The Huston Firm represents clients with all types of probation violations and endeavors to proffer strong representation and compelling arguments to protect your rights and minimize any negative impacts on your probation.


Probation Modification and Early Termination

The Huston Firm in Fort Worth also takes on cases of probation modification. If you need to move for family or employment reasons, we can help facilitate a successful transfer to a new probation office. Is your current probation officer not serving your interests to the best of their ability? We will strive to have a new one assigned.


Our attorneys want to help you move on with your life without the hindrance of probation. We can help you request probation termination. The court requires specific requisites to approve a probation termination or modification. For instance, you must have successfully completed all terms of your probation and have served at least one-third of your probationary period. We know what is required and will fight for every option you have.


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