Criminal Homicide

 Homicide, murder, and manslaughter are the most serious felonies you can commit. Ensuring you have an experienced, knowledgeable, and proven attorney on your side is your only choice for the best possible outcome in this type of charge.

Our firm has successfully represented clients facing various serious criminal charges. G. Dewayne Huston has an extensive understanding of criminal law, trial procedures, and the complicated issues that surround the defense of an individual during such a strenuous ordeal. We at The Huston Firm will diligently protect your legal rights while laboring tirelessly for the most favorable outcome for you, our client.

 The Types of Criminal Homicide

There are several different categories and varying levels of criminal homicide.

  • Murder – Unlawful killing of an individual in a rage or impulsive passion without premeditation.
  • Capital Murder – Involves allegations of premeditation, killing of multiple people or a police officer, and much more. It is more severe than murder and results in life imprisonment or the death penalty.
  • Manslaughter – This is a second degree felony charge and is defined by killing an individual with recklessness without premeditation or malice.
  • Criminal Negligent Homicide – The accidental death of a person as a result of committing of a crime. This results in a state jail sentence.


A homicidal criminal charge puts your freedom, future, and reputation on the line, carrying incredibly high stakes. The Huston Firm serves clients in Dallas, Fort Worth and throughout Texas. With us you can be assured that will aggressively and professionally handle your unique case with the necessary knowledge and strategies that offer you a fighting chance.

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