Prescription Drug Crimes Defense

Are you or someone close to you facing allegations of using prescription medication without a prescription? Consuming pills given by friends or family members, purchasing drugs from unauthorized sellers, or taking medication prescribed for someone else can result in severe consequences. It is important to understand that if you are caught with a drug that has not been prescribed to you by a licensed physician, you could be charged with a criminal offense. The charges you may face will depend on the type of medication you possess.

To avoid the possibility of facing criminal charges related to the misuse of prescriptions, it is crucial to be aware of the relevant laws.

Prescription Medication-Related Drug Charges In Fort Worth, Tarrant County

Individuals may be charged with drug offenses if they unlawfully possess prescription medication. This includes controlled substances like narcotic painkillers, which are similar to cocaine and methamphetamine. Possessing such drugs or planning to do so without a prescription in your name from a licensed physician may result in charges of possession.

Law enforcement may charge you with illegally acquiring prescription drugs depending on the circumstances. If you obtain a controlled substance when it is not medically necessary, use a misrepresented or fraudulent prescription to obtain specific medication, or consume a Schedule II drug that has been prescribed to someone else, you could be charged with prescription fraud.

Consequences of Prescription Drug-Related Offenses The penalties for being convicted of unlawfully possessing a controlled substance vary depending on the specifics of the crime. The judge will consider the type of prescription medication and the amount of the drug you had in your possession at the time of your arrest.

Being charged with drug offenses related to prescription medication could have significant consequences that you never imagined. However, working with a skilled attorney may help you build a strong defense that not only protects your rights but also secures your future.

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