Getting a Domestic Violence Charge Dropped In Fort Worth / Tarrant County

The Truth on Getting a Domestic Violence Charge Dropped

Sometimes, when a couple is in the middle of arguing, a girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband will call law enforcement for the sake of remedying a domestic disturbance. When this happens, a domestic abuse charge may be filed by a representative of the state.

A Sequence of Events That Cannot Be Stopped

Contacting law enforcement will kick off a sequence of events – ones that those actually in a relationship can no longer control.

  • Somebody will get arrested.
  • A judge will set bail (which is usually high).
  • Issuance of a personalized, no-contact order then gets issued.
  • The individual accused won’t be allowed to come home.
  • Children and family life will be impacted.

Getting Charges Dropped: It’s Not a Spouse’s Choice, It’s the States’

After the scenario has settled down a little, the “victim” may feel like dropping charges for the sake of restoring a semblance of normalcy. However, that decision isn’t in their hands anymore. A representative of the state will be the one filing a domestic assault charge. More often than not, prosecutors won’t be willing to drop a charge.

A domestic assault charge is filed by the relevant state for the sake of safeguarding a spouse who is battered. The last thing the victim should be subjected to is intimidation or bullying for the sake of changing their story. Unfortunately, innocent people sometimes get arrested in these situations, and many of them are imprisoned, thereby being forced to separate from their loved ones. From time to time, the prosecution will only end up creating more “victims,” this time in the form of the children and the spouse.

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Police tend to make arrests in the case of a domestic dispute call. They may opt to err on the side of caution, as opposed to leaving a victim in potential danger. Law enforcement may lack reliable testimonies or facts to justify an arrest. Their best judgment must be made during each scenario. Even if a spouse doesn’t press charges, and/or plans on dropping charges, the case will still go to court. As such, if one spouse is facing domestic violence charges, the other should talk to a domestic violence lawyer. Fort Worth’s Dewayne Huston can help you resolve the issue hastily, as well as talk prosecutors into dropping charges.

The Huston Firm concentrates on defending people who are facing domestic violence charges (and others of its type). Dewayne is a former prosecutor, and uses his extensive experience to fight these types of charges for clients. We are well-versed about the pressures prosecutors face in order to get a domestic abuse and violence conviction. We also understand how to fight accusations associated with them. We will contest evidence suppressed or testimonies if they are questionable.

The Prosecutor’s Role

Unfortunately, when somebody is charged with domestic violence, the only person who can decide if the case goes to court or gets dismissed is a prosecutor. This is applicable even if charges are withdrawn or denied by the opposing party. As such, the quicker our firm is contacted, the faster we’ll be able to start our process. We will investigate all of the arrest’s circumstances, then put together evidence and testimonies that can help you either get your charges reduced or dropped. In the event that a case ends up going to trial, we’ll have the qualifications necessary to assist you.

Anyone facing a domestic violence conviction could face a number of different penalties, some of which include protective orders, permanent restraints, or temporary restraints that stop these individuals from coming home and/or seeing family members again. That is why it is imperative for you to seek the assistance of a lawyer with experience right away when you are involved in a domestic abuse or violence situation.